Conlangery #114: Thai (natlang)

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This month Britton joined us and we talked about the wonders of reduplication and nicknames in Thai. Top of Show Greeting: Dzuish (English-based conlang) Wikipedia on Thai Noss, R. B. (1964). Thai reference grammar. Foreign Service Institute. Haiman, J. (2013). Decorative morphology in Khmer. In The Aesthetics of Grammar: Sound and Meaning in …… Read more »

Conlangery #81: Tone

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It took us two tries, but we managed to record an episode focusing entirely on tone systems.  Learn about how tonal languages work, how they develop historically, and a few little bits you can play with. Top of Show Greeting: Frenkisch Links and Resources: Wobé Wè Nobiin Thai writing system IPA Tone Markings Hmong Gwoyeu… Read more »

Conlangery #33: Suprasegmentals

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We get right to it talking about suprasegmentals: mainly stress, phonation, tone, and nasalization.  After a long and fascinating (if incomplete) discussion, we finally get around to talking to DJP’s Kamakawi. Top of Show Greeting: Kinál Links and Resources: Phonation Types Mark Liberman has doubts about stress-timed vs syllable-timed Nambikwara (lots of suprasegmental distinctions) Featured… Read more »