Conlangery #114: Thai (natlang)

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This month Britton joined us and we talked about the wonders of reduplication and nicknames in Thai. Top of Show Greeting: Dzuish (English-based conlang) Wikipedia on Thai Noss, R. B. (1964). Thai reference grammar. Foreign Service Institute. Haiman, J. (2013). Decorative morphology in Khmer. In The Aesthetics of Grammar: Sound and Meaning in …… Read more »

Conlangery SHORTS #07: When do you insert your infix?

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George uses an example from Tagalog to highlight one of the decisions conlangers might need to make if they use infixing. Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSS

Conlangery #54: Reduplication

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Today is a big show where we tackle the topic of reduplication, something we think more conlangers should employ.  Then we talk about a wonderfully crazy click langauge called Sandawe — and it’s natural! Top of Show Greeting: Chudihr Links and Resources Iyo Grammar (see p. 21) Spokan (reduplication talk begins on p. 111) Reduplication… Read more »