Conlangery #128: Lingua Philosophica

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David Salo comes on to talk about his historical research into George Dalgarno’s Lingua Philosophica, a 17th century philosophical language. We discuss the features of Dalgarno’s work, a little of how it compares to other work of the time and also its influence on the history of conlanging. Top of Show Greeting: Lingua Philosophica (translated… Read more »

Conlangery #95: Weird Ideas for Auxlangs

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Today we talk about a bunch of wacky and wonderful auxlangs. Links and Resources: Real Character Caracteristica universalis aUI (Wikipedia, original site, a not-so-friendly review) Dnghu Babm Blissymbolics (official site, Wikipedia) Solresol Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSS

Conlangery #03: The Good and the Bad

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George finally gets Bianca’s last name right (it’s [mæŋgəm]) and we talk a little about people mispronouncing our names.  Then we get into what makes a language good or bad, and don’t come to much of a good conclusion other than the old “eye of the beholder.”  Then after Bianca leaves Will and George are… Read more »