Conlangery #109: Kataputi

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Conlangery 109 medallion

Today we review the Akana conlang Kataputi. In other news, the Sixth Language Creation Conference happened. Links below. Also, George is getting his Masters. Top of Show Greeting: Old English/Anglo-Saxon (translated and read by Scott Brewer) Links and Resources Kataputi Proto-Dumic Announced bits William’s post about legal stuff LCC6 site Day 1, part 1 Day… Read more »

Conlangery #46: Conlanging for Conworlds

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Check out the Serpent’s Tongue kickstarter I mentioned at the top of the show! After teasing Mike a bit about his trip to an Anime convention, we get down to business on how to make your conlang fit into a conworld.  Then we cover an interesting and enigmatically-named Arka language. Top of Show Greeting: German (translation… Read more »

Conlangery #15: Getting out of Creative Ruts

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We throw out some tips for how to kick certain creative habits you might have developed as you create languages.  Then we review the Akana language Tmaśareʔ. Top of Show greeting: Myonian Links and Resources Spokan Hupa Featured Conlang: Tmaśareʔ Feedback: Okuno Zankoku (email) Since you always want to know, I’ve just started a sketch of an… Read more »