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Just wanted to let everyone know that I am putting Conlangery under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-commercial – Share-Alike. This means that you are free to copy, distribute, remix, and create derivative works from the show, so long as you give attribution, your work is not commercial in nature, and you also use a the same license on your own product. For attribution, I will consider it sufficent if you simply credit the show, Conlangery Podcast, though it’s a good idea to also mention the hosts of any particular episodes. A link would be nice, too.

This is really more of a clarification than anything. Although I did originally claim copyright over the show in iTunes (it may still say (c) George Corley 2011 until that updates), I never really intended to exert total copyright control. Recent conversations reminded me that I needed to change that. This should also serve as a notice to some fans who I noticed were providing transcriptions of the show — that’s totally cool, just attribute and put the transcript under a CC license. I am trying to get my own transcripts out there, but so far haven’t been able to get the time to get things rolling.

Anyway, just wanted to update on that. Go ahead and do what you want with the show. And let me know if you do something cool.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Conlangery 131 medallion

This month Christophe and William come on to talk about their experience at LCC7. Along with a few people William recorded on his phone. View the conference page here and all the videos of talks here.

Top of Show Greeting: Croatian (translated and performed by Dorian Frangen)

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Conlangery 129 medallion

Jake Malloy and David Peterson join George to talk about sign language as well as a few other ways humans communicate non-vocally.

Top of Show Greeting: Bakom

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Conlangery SHORTS 25 medallion

George talks about how to listen to the language all around you like a conlanger, especially when you encounter weird specialized terms or senses of words.

Wiktionary entry on “wrong” (includes the sewing sense)

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Conlangery 128 medallion

David Salo comes on to talk about his historical research into George Dalgarno’s Lingua Philosophica, a 17th century philosophical language. We discuss the features of Dalgarno’s work, a little of how it compares to other work of the time and also its influence on the history of conlanging.

Top of Show Greeting: Lingua Philosophica (translated and read by David Salo)

Links and Resources

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Conlangery Short 22 medallion

George gives a quick update on the Paramount v Axanar case and the LCS’s part in it. This was previously discussed in episode 119. For more information, please see the Language Creation Society’s Axanar information page.