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  1. Zelos

    Hello, I would include a greetings phrase from my language Umbrean but that does not exist yet.

    I just thought I would drop a line to show my appriciation for the show.

    I have listened to nearly all the episodes and I do it often while walking. A great misfortune of mine was for a long time I got ideas yet couldn’t write them down in a good manner during these walks. But with the usage of a few good apps and the evernote system that is no longer the case. Your Podcast brings me great ideas and with it I can write everything down to do work on it later!

    I am also active at a Wiki, Linguifex, , which aims to be a good storage for conlangs, a wiktionary for conlang called contionary, and a central source for linguistic information for conlanging purposes.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards, Zelos


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