Conlangery is a weekly podcast created by conlangers, for conlangers.  Every week, George, William, and our guests talk about a conlanging- or linguistics-related topic or feature a conlang or natlang to discuss in-depth.

The term conlang stands for constructed language, that is a language that has been artificially constructed, usually by a single author, as opposed to natural languages (natlangs), which originated far back in human prehistory and evolved naturally from then on.  If you’d like to learn more about conlangs and conlanging, feel free to have a listen.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Pieter

    I just want to say I started listening to this podcast last week and love it so far. Thank you guys so much for making this series! I look forward to getting through the whole backlog and catching up!

  2. Wells Rain


    I thought up an idea for a game that works as a language construction tool. It would be sort of like Age of the Empires or one of those civilization-building games, but instead of war and construction and destruction, you would start by forming as much of a language as you wanted to and all your villagers or what have you would begin speaking it. You would study over time how they use the language and how it changes and cracks under pressure. If anyone knows a game designer with the moxie and the skills, this could be a beautiful game that I’m sure many in your guys’ community would enjoy.


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