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George talks a little about little tidbits of his daughter’s linguistic development, and talks about how listening to child language might help conlangers find inspiration.

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  1. Manuel Torres Vega

    Japanese does the causation backwards with respect to English.
    Onakaga suite-kara, restoranni itta.
    I went to a restaurant because I was hungry.

    It’s more like “I was hungry, so I went to a restaurant”.

    Japanese has another word “dakara” for expressing causation. That one requires 2 independent clauses.

    Onakaga suita. Dakara, restoranni itta.
    I was hungry. Therefore, I went to a restaurant.

    The reason for something always comes first in Japanese.

    • admin

      Chinese often phrases it that way. But the order is not what interests me — it’s the confusion of because and so/thus. That’s where you could do something interesting.


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