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George and William invite Prof. William Croft to talk about his theoretical approach to word classes and constructions. Forget a language without adjectives, let’s talk about how your property concepts are predicated!

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4 Responses to “Conlangery 140: Word Classes with William Croft”

  1. Pat Hall

    This was a great episode… I did a double take when I saw that Croft was your guest!

    Croft is a friendly person in the first place, but it was so great to hear such an important linguist be open-minded and positive about conlanging. Well done.

  2. œcus

    You might be interested in “Parts of Speech: Solid Citizens or Slippery Customers?” by David Denison, a linguist that Bill mentioned in your conversation. It’s available here in print and here on YouTube as a lecture delivered at the British Academy.

    • wm.annis

      Thanks for these links. And while I’ve said on the show (I think) that fun has become an adjective in our lifetime, I now know why I’m not fully comfortable with things like funner.

  3. Nick Georgopoulos

    Can we get a link to the 3×3 grid of grammatical forms x functions that’s repeatedly referred to in this episode? Thanks!


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