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I apologize for being quiet for so long. Many of you will notice that we have not put out a new episode for a couple months. I (George) am currently working furiously on finishing my dissertation. Between data wrangling, writing, looking for jobs, and playing with a toddler I haven’t had much time or opportunity to record and edit a show.

Conlangery will return as a monthly podcast as soon as I am able to get into a place where I can carve out the time to do it. In the meantime, I have suspended our Patreon, as I felt uncomfortable continuing to take monthly payments without making content. If you would still like to support the show during the hiatus (maybe as an appreciation for past episodes), we will accept one-time donations through Ko-fi. Me being in a bit of a transitional period, it would definitely be appreciated.

I thank all our listeners for their patience. I promise that we will be coming back, and I will be sure to make the next episode a good one. In the mean time, I need to put my head down and finish my degree.

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