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Today we bring on Cecil Garvin to talk about Hoocąk a Siouan language still spoken in Wisconsin and on the Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska.

Top of Show Greeting: Ulazradũn

Links and Resources

  • Hocąk Waziija Haci Language Division (some recordings there)
  • Hoocąk hįįt’ekjawi (still waiting to hear if we can share this)
  • Hocąk Teaching Materials (Volume 1, 2 — cheaper on Google Play: 1, 2)

4 Responses to “Conlangery #126: Hoocąk (natlang)”

  1. Lily

    This was very interesting, thank you all, Cecil especially!

    I did have a question: with the system of position markers on the verb for sitting, standing, and lying down, how does that work if you’re talking over the phone and don’t know what position the other person is in? Is there a position you would default to?

    Thanks again!

    • admin

      We’ve talked about just that situation in class. I think Cecil said at one point that he’d assume they are sitting. There are also lots of situations where it can be ambiguous: if someone is travelling in a car, do you use nąk (sitting) or ąk (lying/moving). Cecil usually says you can use your own judgement for those situations.

  2. mbalicki

    I hope you’ll get the permission from the second author to post here the textbook soon. Thanks for a very interesting episode!


    Mi esperas, ke vi baldaŭ ricevos la permeson de la dua aŭtorino por alŝuti ĉi tien la manlibron. Dankon pro tre interesa epizodo!


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