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Today we talk all about word-level stress systems, a part of your conlang that can be done in a few minutes or have you stressing for many days, weeks, or maybe months. It all comes down to what kind of stress system you go with.

Top of Show Greeting: Modern Standard Arabic (translated and read by Aysar Aburrub)

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3 Responses to “Conlangery #123: Stress Systems”

  1. John Hutchinson

    Another English example of unstressed consonant reduction: in North-East England English (certainly in Geordie) all unvoiced stops are debuccalized [di.ˈbʊ.ʔɐ.ˌlaɪ̯zd] in unstressed syllables. Also, the article on Japanese pitch accent on Wikipedia ( has a short section on how some dialects it corresponds with the mora, and in others with the syllable.

  2. Creyeditor

    I can also really recommend the Papuan Volume of the “survey of word accentual patterns in the languages of the world” series, because Papuan languages are really diverse.


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