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This episode we talk all about adjectives, what you can do with them and how they fit into a language.

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  1. John Hutchinson

    Yimas ( three proper adjectives (kpa “big”, yua “good” and ma “other” ), which agree with their head in noun class when they do not occur directly before the noun. All other words denoting qualities are like verbs with the -k irrealis suffix. waca “small” and mama “bad” belong to both classes. There are also some noun-like adjectives as well.

    Maybe that was the language William couldn’t remember?

  2. /sɑɪ̯f ɑsɑd ɑˈsːətjə/

    Well, if and when I start a conlang-themed R&B band, I think I’ve finally found the name for it: the Funky Euphony Forms!

    Thanks for another entertaining episode, gentlemen. I like the mix of conlang human interest topics (like Axanar or the interviews with Britton Watkins and J.S. Bangs), good crunchy general linguistics topics (like this one), and specific language reviews. I’m really glad this podcast has stood the test of time.


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