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Victor Raymond joins us today to talk about the language Tsolyáni, created by MAR Barker and implemented in his campaign setting Tékumel in Empire of the Petal Throne.

Top of Show Greeting: Proto-Continental

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  1. /sɑɪ̯f ɑsɑd ɑˈsːətjə/̟

    A good pop culture demi-conlang example of the phenomenon that George was talking about at approx. 1:14:00 is the infamous “Jedi mind trick” line in Return of the Jedi. Viz Jabba the Hutt makes a comment to his subordinate that is entirely in a foreign language except for those three words, prompting many to wonder if Jabba’s native language has no words for “Jedi”, “mind”, and “trick”. But, on further reflection, of course Jabba is simply using that entire phrase as a loan word to describe a distinct foreign cultural practice, just as we can use expressions like “faux pas” or “kamikaze” in English even though we have our own words for “false”, “step”, “divine”, and “wind”.

  2. Nofare

    Very interesting. Thanks for bringing up Tsolyáni, and thanks to Victor Raymond for sharing all those world and culture details with the audience. Sounds like the game-play sessions were quite great!



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