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Today we have a long talk with author and conlanger JS Bangs about conlanging, worldbuilding, and writing.

Top of the Show Greeting: Praseo

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2 Responses to “Conlangery #111: Interview with JS Bangs”

  1. Shemtov

    The discussion of using another name for a real-life concept brought to mind the fact that Tolkien, though not using a conword, calls Tobacco “pipe-weed” which I assume to be a calque of the Westron.

  2. Anthony Docimo

    An excellent interview &conversations.

    The discussion about how close you can get to things (such as what words are weighted with, historicall, ie valet)…reminded me of the trilogy of _Natural History Of Dragons_…many of the place-names do have the feel of places in England & China & such, though I’m reasonably sure they are not actual names IRL.


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