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This episode, William tells us about the noun classifications in Palikúr, a language with both gender and numeral classifers (once thought impossible) and a couple other classifications aside.

EDIT: An earlier version of the shownotes linked to the JSTOR page of the Aikenvald and Green paper. The new link goes to a page where you can download the paper directly.

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2 Responses to “Conlangery SHORTS #18: Noun Classification in Palikúr”

  1. Alex Bicksler

    I wish this paper went more into dropping the nominal argument of a locative classifier. Sounds like a likely candidate for constituent ellipsis. I’m curious whether the missing thing requires a pronounced linguistic antecedent, or if that can be left to pragmatics.

    • Diana Green

      The only adpositions that occur with an argument are those that have a third-person pronominal prefix. When the pronominal prefix is a- (3n) it is always immediately preceded or followed by the object. When the pronominal prefix is the demonstrative ni- (3ndem) the argument occurs in a preceding part of the paragraph. When the pronominal prefix is gi- (3m) or gu- (3f) the argument may immediately follow the adposition or occur in a preceding part of the paragraph.


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