3 Responses to “Conlangery SHORTS #12: Verbs in Uskra”

  1. AlucardNoir

    Good to hear from Bianca again. The language seams interesting. though, if I’m to be frank, the most interesting part of it was an apostrophe that’s actually means something, so refreshing to see a fictional language that doesn’t just add them for aesthetic reasons.

    PS. Wile I’m more into auxlangs, for an artlang, isn’t this language a bit too regular?

    • Ossicone

      Too regular? Nah.

      I’m more interested in making meanings in fun ways than making something as naturalistic as possible. I could always go in and add irregularities but that’s not the fun part of conlanging for me, so I haven’t bothered.

  2. Rhamos Vhailejh

    I laughed my ass off at Bianca’s intro. That was fantastic. Just yesterday, I was thinking to myself that “this podcast has lost a lot of its funny since Bianca left”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still funny, and I still love the tits out of it. But it was nice to see Bianca come back, if even just for a Short.


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