14 Responses to “Announcement: Apologies on Recent (and potentially continuing) Dissappearance”

  1. Anthony Docimo

    No need to apologize – if you’re busy with other matters, that takes priority.

    (that said, it does great credit to you for taking the time to post this and let us know)

    • admin

      Thank you. Mainly I’m apologizing for not making the announcement sooner. I should probably have said something a couple weeks ago.

  2. Matthew George

    I for one am outraged! I expect a full refund of my membership fees and a formal apology, possibly of the traditional bellysticking kind. If you don’t have a sword handy I can find a steak knife of an appropriate size.

  3. Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets

    Clearly this endeavour is too much work for one person only. Which is perfectly understandable: podcasts are hard work! Have you thought about recruiting additional show hosts/editors? That would lower the load on your shoulders.
    Having for instance a rotating team of three hosts, on a two-weekly basis, would mean each host would only need to handle one podcast every month-and-a-half. That should be feasible.
    The only complication would be ensuring each host can record and edit the show, but that’s just a matter of preparation. You might want to recruit separate editors as well, to lower the load even further.
    Just to put my money where my mouth is, I’d be willing to do some editing myself. I’ve done sound (and video) editing in the past, so I should be able to handle it. Hosting shows is a different issue, and I’m not sure I’d be the right person for the job. I’d also need to see whether I can actually record things with my set-up at home.

    • admin

      I had someone else do editing for a while. I’d love to do that kind of thing again. Rotating hosts is also an idea I’ve had (though I’ve always pictured myself still there to produce and moderate), The thing with rotating hosts is that there’s a extra bit of scheduling you need to do.

      Another thing that plagues these is that Conlangery makes no money, so if I want people to work on the show, I need to rely on volunteers. For hosts, that has never been a problem — plenty of people are willing to meet with me however often and talk about conlangs for an hour. But I don’t know if anyone likes audio editing enough that they’d do it for me for an extended period without pay.

      • Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets

        Have you seen the anime fansub communities? You’ve got entire communities (note the plural) doing nothing else in their free time but translating, subtitling, timing and QC-ing anime episodes, all time-consuming and boring activities (believe me, I’ve done subtitle timing in the past. It’s exceedingly boring), purely on a volunteering basis and with no other reward than the glory of having done it! Getting a few audio editors in the conlang community should be easy be comparison. Just ask, and you’ll be surprised of the number of people who’ll be willing to help for free.

        As for rotating hosts, while it’s true it needs a bit of scheduling to work, I still believe it’s not as difficult as it looks. Also, having a bigger cast means more chances to have two or three people being available at the same time to record an episode. Once again, it’s mostly a question of preparation and having enough people able to actually record the episodes.

        It might take a while to set it all up, but I’m sure once it’s set up it’ll work well, and will prevent those extended pauses in the podcast’s schedule.

        And as I wrote in my previous comment, I’m willing to help, so you already have someone ready to volunteer for you :).

        • admin

          Well, if you’re interested in editing some episodes, I have a couple to send you. Email me directly.

          Recordings will still be on hold until I can figure out how to get the damn Skype to work. I will consider a rotating roster of hosts, but I’ll have to get people to agree to it.

          Anyway, I would suspect that the anime community is a lot bigger than the conlanging community and the Conlangery audience. I don’t have quite so deep a pool of fanatics to pull from, but I can try. It surprises (and somewhat bothers) me that in two years of running this show, no one else has created a conlanging podcast of their own, at least not one that went anywhere.

          • Joe Schelin

            I’ve never done audio editing, but if there’s something I can do to help, let me know and I will do what I can. I think that even though conlanging is a smaller community, it might work out just as well because we’re all pretty happy when one of us is doing well (or is that just my observations?) I think if you asked, you’d have more help than you knew what to do with, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had more talented help than you would have expected.


          • Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets

            While the anime community is indeed much bigger than the conlanging community, there are also a lot of anime to sub, while there’s only one podcast for the whole conlanging community. So I think our community is more than big enough to support it. As Joe wrote, I’m sure if you just send some call for help around in the various fora and the Conlang mailing list, you’ll end up with more people willing to help than you would have expected.

            As for the reason why nobody else has started another conlanging podcast. I think it’s not so much that there is no interest in doing it, just that you’ve been doing it so well that nobody felt they could do better, so why bother? You cover the demand so well that there’s just no place for a competitor :).

            In any case, I’ve sent you an e-mail directly, so go ahead and send me some work to do! 🙂

      • Anthony Docimo

        if I knew *how to* edit…I would volunteer for that. (I know how to use Windows Movie Maker to make music videos – is it like that?”

  4. Greg Pandatshang

    Ooh, ooh, I would make an excellent occasional cohost for Conlangery! Of course, nobody but me knows that, since I’m normally a lurker vis a vis the conlanging community. Still, I’d be pleased as punch to give it a try. I can do pretty basic audio editing, too.


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