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George and Mike have a wonderful conversation with Nizar Habash, creator of Delason.

Featured Conlang: Delason


I discovered this podcast almost a month ago and I’m on episode 46. I’m actually not a conlanger, but I love linguistics and I love the discussions you guys have about different aspects of language. Thank you for producing such a fascinating show.
Birmingham, AL

2 Responses to “Conlangery #84: Delason”

  1. Panglott

    I was a little disappointed that you didn’t talk much about the morphology of Delason, or give some on-air examples of it. I was surprised and excited to hear about a conlang from a native Arabic speaker, since so many conlangers are so interested in the Semitic triliteral root, and I was curious as to Delason morphology. But I guess I can skim that 25 pages of grammar!

    • admin

      Unfortunately, I’m afraid Nizar didn’t go with triliteral roots. IIRC it’s mostly standard prefixing and suffixing.


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