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Special mention: DJP had another podcast interview (Yeah, I know, we’re late on everything)

Thanks to a wonderful email suggestion, we talk about how conlangers should read linguistics research papers, including what to look at (and what you don’t need to) and how to find papers to look at.

Top of Show Greeting: Kobardon



I just made this suggestion on the web page, and it occurred to me that I did not sign my name. There’s a field for commenting, but it’s separate from the the one for submitting suggestions.

“On the forums, I often see links to linguistics papers or books. Usually, I have trouble getting much use out of them, as opposed to looking up grammar topics on wikipedia. How should one go about separating the wheat from the chaff? This might be a good no-research-needed topic for William once he gets back.”


Alex Joneth

PS, my dad’s from Wisconsin and my mom’s from West Virginia. I was born in Madison. Pepperoni rolls are good.

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