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This week, we invite Martin Posthumous on to talk about his new conlang Alashian.

Top of Show Greeting: South Eresian (reuse)

Featured Conlang: Alashian


Email from Kerri:

Hello. Thanks for doing the podcast. For some reason, I just comprehend things better aurally than read, so it’s been very useful to me! I’m not a linguist, I’m a writer who’s just trying to make something that doesn’t make linguists grind their teeth. I created a language to go with a culture I created for a story, way back when I was 12-13, long before I’d ever heard of conlanging. It was awful and the story was pure cheese with horrible gobs of angst and a cast of mary sues, but hey, I was 12. I threw most of it out a long time ago, but your podcast encouraged me to give it (well, not that exactly) another try. Minus the angst, “characters”, and almost everything else. Doing it right, and with some actual knowledge. Thanks for that.

How about a podcast on pidgins? I’ve been studying Latin and have a yen to settle the Ninth Legion somewhere unlikely.


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  1. Anthony Docimo

    As to con-creoles and con-pidgins, they’re rare so far as I can see. (I’d be happy to be wrong, though)

    While I do need to return to work on Arimaspean Creole, it does exist: and will be getting a webpage within the next month.
    (the parent conlang doesn’t technically exist – but sometimes with A.Creole and its sister conlang Arasamean, I say “here’s the Arimaspean word it comes from”)


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