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We didn’t get a full episode out this week, but George didn’t want to have a week with nothing at all, so he “reads”* the date in Tagalog, then goes on a ramble about loanwords a bit.

Top of Show Greeting: Lingwa de Planeta

Text of that date and time expression, for the curious:

Ika-4 ng Nobiembre, 2012, alas 4:30 ng hapon.

(all words): Ika-apat ng Nobiembre, twenty-twelve, alas kuwatro y medya ng hapon.

*(It was actually produced on the fly, hence the disfluency.)

3 Responses to “Conlangery SHORTS #01: Date and Time in Tagalog”

  1. Nico Suarez

    For the year, I think “taong dalawang libo’t labing dalawa” ought to be right. It isn’t uncommon for years to be English though. In some cases, even Spanish is used for years (this fell into disuse quite recently though)


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