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Today, we cover one of the weird and wonderful languages of Papua New Guinea.  It turns out to be surprisingly not so weird, but there’s still quite a few things in it to inspire conlangers.  Do check out the crazy verbs though — that bit is quite nuts.

Top of Show Greeting: Pøplish

Featured NATLANG: Kuot

12 Responses to “Conlangery #63: Kuot (natlang)”

      • Carsten B.

        IMHO, the outtakes at the end are unecessary ballast anyway. They may be funny sometimes, but they’re bells and whistles that add to the overall file size.

        • admin

          Ah, but there are people expecting them now. And I do enjoy making them, even if the jokes I see aren’t really as hilarious to other people. I do try to set myself a limit of five minutes (I’ll try three, then increase to five if I feel the need for more, but I try not to go beyond that),

        • Anthony Docimo

          Every language has bells and whistles; therefore it is only right that the discussion of languages also have them.

  1. Zifre

    You guys keep talking about crazy stuff in Welsh and the Celtic languages and I have no idea what you are talking about. You should do an episode on Welsh at some point.

  2. Laertes

    “This is the first time– I’ve seen infixes do things, usually derivationally. This is the first language that has thoroughgoing, basic, agreement morphology happening in infixing.”

    William, I’m surprised, considering how many times you’ve brought up Lakota and Assiniboine on this podcast. iču, iwaču, iyaču…


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