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Ok, this is absolutely, positively the FINAL version of the new Conlangery album art.  I have tinkered with this thing enough and I’m afraid that if I do anything more to it I will simply screw it up beyond repair.  Unless I decide again to completely change the aesthetic a year from now, or I get a professional artist to put a few touches to it, this is what the album art will look like from here on in.  You can see the earlier iterations here.  So, now for a run down of the languages depicted, from left-to right, top to bottom:

  • Itlani: sitsholenú (construct-language-thing-plural)
  • Ayeri: Narānacan (literally na-rā-na-tya-n) /naˈraːnaʧan/ narān (‘language’ + -ati ‘AGTZ’ + -an ‘NMLZ’)
  • Kamakawi: kalaka’ala’ile (“making language live”)
  • Himmaswa: Kangwauswa’iap /kaŋ.wɔ̰.swa.iə̯p̚/
  • Ancaron: Sidanaspotcor[ʃɪˈdanasˈpotkoɚ] si-create-language (“Related to conlangs”)
  • South Eresianp’eloniryos (“abstract quality of creating languages”)
  • Sindarin (translated by Roman Rausch): lamgar (lam “language” + car “do, make”)
  • Klai: [pˡəːsa̰ː ɟlĩək̚ sʉð̞]

That’s it, no more fiddling with the damn album art.  I’m done with it.  You can still submit your scripts (translate “Conlangery”, interpretively or phonetically, and send a black-and-white image to, but all additional scripts I recieve will appear in the random header you see at the top (if you refresh a few times, you’ll see you get a different conlang every time).  I will see if I can work up a page or something to tell people what languages all those headers are sometime in the future.  In the meantime, I need a nap.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!

— George

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