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Conlangery has some new stuff.  I wanted to move away from the conlang flag design and come up with something a little more unique for our logo-type stuff, so I solicited some conlanging communities for  translations of “Conlangery” into their conscripts.  The result is new album art and a new site banner.

The contibutions I used are as follows, listed left-to-right, top-to-bottom as they appear on the album art (pictured right), with what background info I’ve been given:

  • Ayeri: Narānacan (literally na-rā-na-tya-n) /naˈraːnaʧan/ ‘Conlangery’, from narān ‘language’ + -ati ‘AGTZ’ + -an ‘NMLZ’
  • Hwagak: Wéng Wén Ŕinggén /ˈweŋ.wen ˈɹɨŋ.ɡen/ build PAS language-INDF
  • Himmaswa: Kangwauswa’iap /kaŋ.wɔ̰.swa.iə̯p̚/
  • Klai: [pˡəːsa̰ː ɟlĩək̚ sʉð̞]
  • South Eresian: p’eloniryos “abstract quality of creating languages”
I will still consider submissions to include in the album art or the banner, as I expect to tinker with them in the coming weeks, but the basic aesthetic I think is down.  If you would like your conscript to be included, translate “Conlangery” into your language (both interpretive translations and phonological adaptations are welcome) and send a black-and-white image of the word in your script to, preferably with romanization, phonetic transcription, and (for interpretive translations) a gloss.  Thanks!
EDIT:  As I said, I am continuing to tinker with this.  I have removed the Hwagak text (which is from the same creator as Himmaswa) and inserted a Sindarin translation given to me by Roman Rausch (he sent Quenya as well, but I only wanted one Tengwar name on there, and I preferred the Sindarin for a few reasons).   The new version is at left.  For those who are curious, Roman translated Conlangery as lamgar, which combines lam “language” with the lenited form of car “do, make”.
EDIT: Added Kamakawi.  On the version to the right you can see it right next to the Tengwar (after a little rejiggering).  I had asked David specifically for a translation, so I though it would be silly not to include it.  The Kamakawi translation of Conlangery is kalaka’ala’ile, meaning “making language live”.
FINAL EDIT:  I have added Ancaron (top left, the vertical script) and Itlani (bottom right).  This is probably the final edit of the album art, as I am running out of visual space, and making the conscript text smaller would not properly showcase it, I think. In any case, the translations for Ancaron and Itlani are as follows:
  • Ancaron: Sidanaspotcor[ʃɪˈdanasˈpotkoɚ] si-create-language (“Related to conlangs”)
  • Itlani: sitsholenú construct-language-thing-plural

Again, this is probably the last time I will update the album art, except perhaps to tweak the positions a bit (it is a mite asymetrical at the top, and it’s definitely not as tight as some previous versions).  However, you will have noticed that I changed the header.  Since I had trouble fitting even more scripts on the header, I changed it so that on each page load a random script will appear in the header.  As such, I’ll continue adding scripts to the header as long as people keep sending them to me, since all it takes is a little bit of time to put it together.  Thanks everyone for all your help.

ABSOLUTE FINAL EDIT (really this time):  Ok, I realized that I had forgotten Kamakawi in my previous “final” version, so I went a head and fiddled with the thing until now I am sick of dealing with it.  You can get all the details in this new post.  As I said before, I will still accept submissions for the header, since I’m not so limited in what I can display up there anymore.

3 Responses to “New Album Art and Site Banner”

  1. Esploranto

    Not wanting to start any argument, but shouldn’t the Sindarin version use something else than the joining of two roots? I mean root LAM + root CAR? Maybe you could go with ‘cared’ which is the gerund ‘doing, making’, but I think it would suffer not lenition but nasal mutation, although maybe it could also suffer some other kind of mutation (new mutations have been found in unpublished material from Tolkien). I suggest consulting

    • admin

      Note that I did not translate the Sindarin myself, and I really am not interested in learning Sindarin. As we said in our review of the language, there are many different Sindarins used by many different Tolkien researchers, mainly due to the fact that Tolkien’s never-ending tinkering essentially left a myriad of different versions. Apparently, you prefer one version and Roman Rausch prefers another.

  2. Esploranto

    I understand, but note that the only time Tolkien introduced the term “car” (this is in Etymologies) it meant “house, building”. Car- just like that is a verbal root, not a noun meaning “doing”. One could argue about what kind of ending to use (and this would lead to what you said about the versions), but using the bare root is something else. It’d be like saying that in Esperanto it is “lingvfar”.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone in fact I love the show. Cheers!


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