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George gets Bianca’s name wrong and no one notices.  We also have some digressions at the beginning and the end of the show, but somehow we end up talking a whole lot about noun incorporation, and the weird and wacky language known as Gevey.

Top of Show Greeting: Vaida Mi Ha

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Featured Conlang: Gevey

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Anthony Docimo (comment on #37)

Could part of Novegradian be described as reconstructing? In the same way that a form of Hebrew was revived in the 20th Century, built upon the Torah and Talmud primarily; Novegradian was revived in teh conlang, built upon historical materials from/relating to medieval Novegradian.

or is my mind seeing a paralel/connection that isn’t there?

6 Responses to “Conlangery #39: Noun Incorporation”

  1. jai

    I’ve let the gang over at #Conlangers on deviantArt know about the possible position if Bianca were to leave. Let’s hope she doesn’t though! It would be really cool to be able to have a link between the two conlanging groups. A lot of us are huge fans of your show and owe most of our linguistic knowledge to you guys. I hope someone in our crew takes the initiative and applies but if not I’m sure someone will!

    Keep it up! And from all of us at #Conlangers, THANK YOU!

  2. MBR

    I just got the idea to meta-podcast about Conlangery. In ripping you guys off, you will have free advertising to the negative five people that will listen to my podcast, as well as some talking about my own languages! As you said, William, “Anything you can do, I can do meta.” *plotting ebil things*

    • admin

      Haha! Quite hilarious! I think in reality I would prefer to see someone just do another show on conlanging (maybe with a different format or a novel take on the subject). I’d even be willing to be a guest on such an endeavor as well as promote it here. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t seen a second episode of Deconstructed Construction. Whatever happened to that?

  3. Melvar

    I’m listening to these with over a year of delay, and am amused how you keep giving me more linguistic concepts and terminology that I can relate to Lojban. (Example: “Oh, so the gadri are actually nominalizers!” “Now, do linked arguments count as incorporated? You can use a verb with linked arguments anywhere you can use a plain verb, such as applying a nominalizer, or turning it into a preposition, and indeed this is the main use of the form.”) So thank you for improving my understanding!


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