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We’re back to talk about scripts: what kind of script to use, how con-history fits into it, tips for developing a realistic script, etc. ย Then we talk about a language that, while not having a unique writing system per se, has incorporated existing systems in an interesting way.

Featured Conlang: Rangyayo (see here, here and here)

9 Responses to “Conlangery #05: Scripts and Writing”

  1. Desmond

    As the inventor of the conlang “Rangyayo”, I feel very honoured that my language has been discussed in this week conlangery podcast. I simply can’t wait to listen to it! First thing to do when I get back home this evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. MBR

    As far as scripts go, I have one, and want to work on a couple more. Currently, my main lang, Hra’anh, is the only one with a script. And the letters for L, S, and O are all very similar. Approximations: ยฌ (L), โ”” (O), and โ”˜ (S). The same goes for D and U, which are essentially a tilde (~) and a backward tilde.

  3. Dustfinger Batailleur

    Two things:

    A – Abjads have either no vowels or vowels optional, while abudigas have consonants as the main characters and vowels secondary and obligatory.

    B – South Korea never promoted hangeul in the south Pacific as you claimed. Only a random tribe in Indonesia decided to use hangeul to help get children fluent in their endangered tongue – nothing official or Korea-sanctioned.

  4. Mike Yams

    I think you mentioned that there’s a natlang script which is written bottom to top? That’s fascinating; I didn’t think there were any. What script is it?


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