2 Responses to “Conlangery #02: Promoting Your Conlang”

  1. WmAnnis

    Heyyy, with the help of clever editing you’ve made me sound less entirely like a gibbering lunatic.

    [George: To be honest, Will, it didn’t take too much. You are quite professorial. Mostly what I had to take out for you were long pauses and breathing.]

  2. SHiNKiROU

    This seems to be attracting Asians immigrants and programmers:
    “Learning [Kumiko] is as easy as learning math”
    “Ithkuil is maxing you out? Learn [Kumiko]”

    My idea to promote my language is to make songs in that language, and an amount of people will like them because not everyone even try to understand lyrics, but it still get some interested.


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