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Tomás insults George’s Spanish, then we get into a discussion about why we conlang and just how personal the hobby is.  Then, we talk a little about measure words and genders, and about our Conlang of the Week: Feayran — The language of a race of shapeshifters created by David Edwards.


Wikipedia on measure words


9 Responses to “Conlangery #01: Why Conlang?”

  1. Alex Fink

    That’s Feayran.

    [George: Fixed, thanks. Trust me, that was not the worst error we committed on that language name.]

  2. Spats

    Great podcast – you are all natural hosts and have good chemistry, and the content is interesting. (maybe cut down on the ambient noise, though – heh) Makes me feel guilty for not doing enough language/conlang stuff lately!

  3. Salem

    What was the name of the printed conglang book? The Conlang Key or something?

  4. Salem

    Or wait, maybe it was the language construction kit linked above and I misheard…

  5. pá mamūnám ontā́ bán

    I have to say that people in Britain definitely use the subjunctive in English and I have noticed that only academics in America seem to use. Personally people not using it does annoy me, but then again I’m a pedant.

  6. Rhamos Vhailejh

    I started conlanging as sort of a linguistic exercise. I would read about linguistic concepts on Wikipedia and such, but I wouldn’t necessarily retain everything I’d read, so I decided to start making a language that can put the things I’ve learned into practice so that I could solidify these ideas in my mind. Ten+ years later, I’m very glad that I decided to undertake this. At this point I’ve learned so much, and now I “conlang to conlang” as you guys put it. I’m currently working on a comprehensive documentation of my conlang’s descriptive grammar.


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