Conlangery #107: Moten

Conlangery 107 medallionChristophe Grandsire-Koevoets comes on to talk about his conlang Moten.

Top of Show Greeting: Nærut Nɑnɑ́rɑ

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Conlangery #106: Auxiliary Verb Constructions

Conlangery 106 logoSuzette Haden Elgin passed away on January 27th. She will be missed.

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William can now talk about conlanging he did for a videogame!

In this episode, George and William go over the wonderful diversity of auxiliary verb constructions! So much to think about!

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Conlangery SHORTS #17: Lexember 2014

Conlangery SHORTS 17This episode, George highlights a few words from last year’s #Lexember event.


Conlangery SHORTS #16: Gender Assignment

Conlangery Short 16 medallionToday George is on his own with a short and a book recommendation. You can find links to Gender by Greville Corbett here. LCS members can borrow it from the LCS Lending Library here.

Conlangery #105: Navajo/Diné (natlang)

Conlangery 105 MedallionToday it’s just George and William talking about the wonders of Navajo. Mostly William talking, as he knows more about it.

Top of show Greeting: Yanem

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Conlangery #104: Spatial Metaphors for Time

Conlangery104Today we discuss how languages talk about time. Particularly, how do we map time onto space metaphorically.

Top of Show Greeting: Duojjin

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Conlangery #103: Mailbag 2

Conlangery103We’re back! This episode we answer your emails on the show. Check the full emails below the fold.

Top of Show Greeting: Fyai Thǔvn

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Conlangery #102: Afrihili

Conlangery102Today we discuss Afrihili in some detail, a discussion made possible by William’s work tracking down the book and publishing some highlights about the language.

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Conlangery SHORTS #15: Mixed Languages

ConlangeryShort15George takes a moment to talk about a kind of language that is somewhat to related to the pidgins and creoles episode.

CORRECTION: In the podcast I say that CIA is spoken on Copper Island. It originated there, but currently the surviving speaker population is on Bearing Island.

Special note: conlang is now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary

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Conlangery #101: Pidgins and Creoles

Conlangery101David Peterson joins us to talk about pidgins and creoles and what conlangers (and linguists) can learn from them.

Top of Show Greeting: Chudihr (revised)

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