Conlangery SHORTS #19: Kinship in Henan Mandarin

Conlangery Shorts 19 medallionGeorge discusses his own observations about the use of kinship terms in his wife’s village in Henan province, China.

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Conlangery #111: Interview with JS Bangs

Conlangery 111 medallionToday we have a long talk with author and conlanger JS Bangs about conlanging, worldbuilding, and writing.

Top of the Show Greeting: Praseo

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Conlangery #110: Copulae

Conlangery 110 medallionToday Christophe joins us as we talk all about copulas, or copulae, however you want to talk about them.

Special mention: Intro video for Britton’s new film Conlanging

Top of Show Greeting: Dutch (submitted anonymously)

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Conlangery SHORTS #18: Noun Classification in Palikúr

Conlangery Shorts 18 medallionThis episode, William tells us about the noun classifications in Palikúr, a language with both gender and numeral classifers (once thought impossible) and a couple other classifications aside.

EDIT: An earlier version of the shownotes linked to the JSTOR page of the Aikenvald and Green paper. The new link goes to a page where you can download the paper directly.

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Conlangery #109: Kataputi

Conlangery 109 medallionToday we review the Akana conlang Kataputi.

In other news, the Sixth Language Creation Conference happened. Links below. Also, George is getting his Masters.

Top of Show Greeting: Old English/Anglo-Saxon (translated and read by Scott Brewer)

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Conlangery #108: Obviation

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Bianca joins us today for an episode on obviation, just another option for managing discourse while clarifying who does what to who. Also, we have a couple interesting digressions on direct/inverse verb agreement systems and George’s hindsight on the appropriateness of a certain story.

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Conlangery #107: Moten

Conlangery 107 medallionChristophe Grandsire-Koevoets comes on to talk about his conlang Moten.

Top of Show Greeting: Nærut Nɑnɑ́rɑ

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Conlangery #106: Auxiliary Verb Constructions

Conlangery 106 logoSuzette Haden Elgin passed away on January 27th. She will be missed.

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William can now talk about conlanging he did for a videogame!

In this episode, George and William go over the wonderful diversity of auxiliary verb constructions! So much to think about!

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Conlangery SHORTS #17: Lexember 2014

Conlangery SHORTS 17This episode, George highlights a few words from last year’s #Lexember event.


Conlangery SHORTS #16: Gender Assignment

Conlangery Short 16 medallionToday George is on his own with a short and a book recommendation. You can find links to Gender by Greville Corbett here. LCS members can borrow it from the LCS Lending Library here.